About JAR Hospitality Limited

We are a company with over 80 years combined experience in the hospitality industry including Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Catering and Off-Site Catering, Golf Course Food and Beverage, Full Service Hotels and Resorts, Summer or Winter, Limited Service Hotels, Seasonal Resort Operations, Hospital Cafeteria/Vending Management and Operations, Food Truck Operations Mall Food Court Operations and Retail Operations.  

We currently own Sail Restaurant and Catering Company in Meaford, Ontario, Sail Food Truck based out of the same location, Just Like Home Café at Owen Sound’s Heritage Place Shopping Centre and our upscale catering company Intimate Fare Catering.  We operate our food truck and catering operations anywhere in Grey, Bruce or Simcoe Counties.

President Ryan Follis is a 23 year hospitality professional who has worked with Aramark Canada Limited, Tim Hortins, Delta Hotels and Resorts, Best Western, Travelodge, Sir Corp Restaurants, Clublink and other Muskoka Resorts in a variety of Food and Beverage Executive, Leadership and Operational Roles.  Ryan’s culinary expertise, innovation, creativity and passion is the heart of our company and is seen through each and every catering and restaurant experience.  His personalized approach to each and every client throughout the entire experience from first contact, menu planning, service execution and event conclusion is what truly separates us from other hospitality companies.  With strong marketing and social media skills he is able to not only execute but effectively communicate all that we do.

Vice President, Alan Boivin is a 38 year hospitality professional who has worked with Delta Hotels and Resorts at 11 different locations over his career, covering summer and winter resorts, golf resorts, city centre, tertiary markets, airport, and suburban properties.  Starting as a Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Director of Operations, General Manager and Multi Property General Manager.  Prior to this he was with British Columbia’s White Spot Restaurants in a variety of operational and management roles including restaurant openings and General Manager and then at corporate office as a Labour and Food and Beverage Cost Control specialist.  Alan’s strong systems, process, financial management, strategic planning, people resources, brand integrity, advertising, promotions and marketing, revenue management background and analytical approach to this industry ensures maximum profitability and efficiency for all of our hospitality operations.

Chief Executive Officer Jocelyn Follis is a 23 customer service professional who has worked with several Muskoka and Blue Mountain Hotels and Resorts, Delta Hotels and Resorts, Days Inn,  CAA and Retail in a variety of Leadership, Sales, Event Management and Operational roles.  She has been the key guest contact person and/or leader for each of these and understand the guest service expectations from every consumers perspective.  Be it a parent with a young family, seniors, middle aged or young adults she is an expert in adapting style and process to better engage with the demographic you are dealing with.   This coupled with strong technical and analytical skills required for many reservations related software booking programs.

We believe through the combined skill set of our leadership team that we can assist your business to improve results from either a specific operational area or a complete business overview.  Each customer and each expense is an opportunity to maximize your top line, bottom line, guest satisfaction or employee satisfaction.  If you are a small business, likes, ours, each and every one of these is more impactful on your business.  

We are passionate about being engaged in the communities we do business in as is demonstrated by our involvement and board roles at various Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Business Improvement Agencies, Economic Development Committees, Tourism Organizations, Youth Initiatives including Co-op, Mentoring, Lecturing, Trade Organizations including Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association and Performing Arts Associations.  We are strongly linked with the industry and are able to provide guidance and direction for individuals or companies navigating the complex hospitality business. 

First and foremost, we own and operate our own businesses including a restaurant, catering company, food truck and mall food court location and are always looking for new opportunities in Grey, Bruce and Simcoe Counties to grow our operations.  We provide hospitality management services for restaurants, lounges, golf course food and beverage, hotels, motels, resorts and catering operations.  We provide consulting services on a broad range of food and beverage and hospitality skill sets.

So, whatever your need or desire is in the hospitality business in Grey, Bruce and Simcoe Counties we may be able to assist you in your objective. 

Careers with JAR Hospitality Limited

If you are currently a Food and Beverage professional who may have a skill to add to our portfolio, or new to the industry, we may have a role for you. Consider joining our growing, innovative and exciting company servicing this beautiful and vibrant part of Ontario.